The Swedish Dowsing Society

The Swedish Dowsing Society, SSF, is a nationwide organisation that has a mission in bringing the knowledge of dowsing to the Swedish people. The society was established in 1982 and have more than 600 members.

To this date there is no satisfactory explanation to how dowsing works, but we believe that most people, with practise and perseverance, can learn how to use a dowser. Traditionally, the dowsing rod is shaped like an Y.

Dowsing rod, pendulum and one hand dowser (pendulum antenna) have a similar way of use.
The dowsing rod is traditionally associated with finding water but has now a much broader sector of application, like for instance;

  • measuring earth radiation patterns
  • search for minerals
  • track for lost objects
  • detect healthy and harmful radiation
  • measuring aura energies

SSF is the leading organisation for dowsing in Sweden and has an important role in education.
The society wants to encourage and introduce the art of dowsing to both individuals and authorities. One of the main reasons for this is to teach people how to use healthy earth radiation and how to avoid harmful radiation. The Swedish Dowsing Society also wants to promote research around the fenomena of dowsing. 

SSF is a non profit organisation.

SSF is each year gathering people interested in dowsing and supports their exchange of experiences by arranging several meetings in various places in Sweden. During these meetings there will be time to practise under the guidance of experienced dowsers, to discuss with people alike and listen to talks. Many of our members are also arranging their own meetings and talks in various locations in Sweden.

SSF is producing the publication SLAGRUTAN which is printed and distributed to the members 4 times a year.

SSF is politically and religiously uncommitted.

For more information, please contact the SSF webmaster: